I just found out from my good friend EDZ that the WPPRs were adjusted for the Middletown Open Championship that I won a few months back. I just went from about 6 WPPRs to over 26 WPPRs for that event. Not only that, many members of the Jersey Pinball Association including SBS, EDZ, ALS, VKJ, ZAP and FLR all saw some WPPR point increases.

The following video/remix is tangentially related to pinball, but whatever, “It’s a celebration!”

<The best part is at 1:41 – Shake your money maker! Shake your money maker! Shake your money maker! … >


An uncanny resemblance here between the Magnetic Orb Bonus Stage music from Sonic 3 and Get Up(Sex Machine) from the legend James Brown. Not only the background guitar, but the piano that comes in mid-track sounds similar too. Tried to use as much of the song as possible without making it sound too clashy and repetitive.
Requested by TheKronic.

Remixed by Yuzoboy