STERN pinball designer John Borg shows some of the rules of STERN’s newest game, X-Men. Specifically, this overview covers the Wolverine Limited Edition.

The Big giant Wolverine has a magnet out in front of him to provide some randomization and Magneto has a double up-post to hold the ball and lock it. What’s that? Is that the phone ringing? Well, answer it. Who is it? Avatar on line 1? Sure, I’ll take that call.

Avatar: “This game sounds like me.”

No, Avatar this game is not similar to you, it’s quite different.

Avatar: “Why does that oversize toy Wolverine have a magnet when Magneto clearly is the magnet character? The word ‘magnet’ is right there in his name.”

Watch the video, he does have a magnet, a spinning magnet. It’s pretty cool. Look, there’s four balls stuck together!

Avatar: “OK, I’m satisfied for now. But if you screw up, Stargate and I are going to come over there, and it won’t be pretty.”