24: season seven logo.

This game basically asks you one simple question. Can you can make the right ramp shot with regularity? Are you accurate enough to repeatedly hit a shot that is about 1.5 times the diameter of the pinball with force and speed? Everything else is incidental on the way to making more right ramp shots to lock the balls for Multiball.

Yes, I know the left ramp shot is important. Hey, it’s what you need to light the right ramp lock shot. But if you throw the ball in the general vicinity of the left ramp, chances are it’s going to go up there.

And, I know the safehouse, with it’s cheap army men figures bought from Wal-Mart, and the Sniper with it’s equally cheap sniper action figure, are also important. But you will trip over those features after you’ve got the right ramp Multiball going.

Whatever. Chloe’s “pseudo-random” awards and speech are disappointing, too. So, there. I guess you should play this game if it’s the only one available. Have I made it clear yet that I don’t like 24?

See? I don’t like every game.