199: Dave Sanders is lead designer of the artists still currently known as Heighway Pinball. He reviews some of the trials and tribulations of releasing Full Throttle, Alien and how they might effect “Game #3”. Then, Dave and Chris talk about the TWIPY Awards and how they indicate what pinballers want in their games.


200: Brenda O’Donovan interviews Chris about pinball in a role reversal. It’s more of a conversation than an interview, but it’s an interesting conversation that I don’t want to spoil with a detailed synopsis. This a good episode to jump on if you want to know the attitude of this podcast right now toward pinball in general. However, let’s not forget to drop in a few moments worth of assumptions about tournament pinball players near the end of the conversation. Because, as we know … no one wants to talk about tournament pinball. I’m so glad I am not focused on the New-In-Box-Pinball-Drama part of the hobby.

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