This is a Good Thing ™ to have happened in the world of pinball. We have been wondering when we would be getting new pinball designers in the industry. Well, how about a designer who happens to be the best pinball player in the whole wide world?

Keith Elwin announced that he will be working at Stern Pinball as a designer starting March 1st of this year. Congratulations and well deserved for both Keith and for Stern Pinball.

About this time you may have realized that now, Keith Elwin and Lyman Sheats now work for the same company. When can we start the hype train for that first Keith Elwin designed /Lyman Sheats programmed game? Hurry up everyone, the hype train is leaving the station! Get on it!

Now it’s time for some gross, unsubstantiated speculation:

  • Are there any bands with a decent license with rockets as part of their theme?
  • Could Stern Pinball really get the Archer license?
  • Dinosaurs vs Monster Trucks, or nah?
  • Or perhaps an Elwin original theme will be in the works?

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of people’s faiths in pinball being restored. That’s also the sound of people taking back (some) of the bad things they’ve said about Stern Pinball.


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