Congratulations to Keith Elwin for winning another PAPA Circuit Title!

OK, so given what we have just seen, how many hurry-ups (intended or exploited) will players need to get 1 ranking point for Game of Thrones during a PAPA 19 qualifying run. Note that I am thinking in “units of hurry-ups” not points, since that is a thing now.

“We regret to inform you that a 2 Billion score equals zero qualifying points now, since 88 gamers have already gotten at least 1 hurry-up during qualifying this weekend. Try again.”

“Also, 10 of those 88 gamers were Keith Elwin and 10 others were Bowen Kerins.”


From what I remember after seeing it once: Select Martel, but do not finish it. Use it for add a ball as normal. (DO NOT FINISH IT YET because you don’t want to have to do each shot twice during HOTK!) Complete the four houses as shown on the video (LAN, TYR, GJ, STARK). Start HotK. Survive HOTK by completing sets of shots.

Super Jackpot at battering ram after 1st set, (do a 20 second bonus round).
Complete second set of shots. SJP at battering ram after 2nd set, (do a 20 second bonus round).

HoTK Hurryup at battering ram after 2nd bonus round. (ridiculous points)

Then keep going. SJP after 3rd set. If you can make it to this point, get ready for exploitation during the 20 second free shot bonus round.

I’m now going back to watch again to see if what I just typed is remotely correct. You can watch it too by clicking this twitch stream link which goes directly to the start of the ridiculousness.


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