Get ready. More tutorials by Bowen Kerins and the PAPA team are coming very soon. One might be out already as you read this.

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From the Patreon Newsletter:

You might be wondering (or pissed!) where all the new tutorials are. Due to the planning and execution of ReplayFX 2017, there was no opportunity for PAPA staff (MHS) to work on the video editing.That time has now passed, and the first new tutorial (Doctor Who) will go early access later this week.

And then four more tutorials will come, pretty rapid-fire: The Big Lebowski (filmed at Alamo Drafthouse, thanks to Tim J and Gene X and TJ B and all of you), Pinball Magic, Mousin’ Around, and Rollergames. Probably not in that order.

Thanks again for your patience and continued support! We will be filming again in September, so get ready for a new vote.

We’ll try to do better in 2018 about pacing the tutorial releases so there isn’t such a dry spot in July/August.

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