Chill / Chill Maneuver / Trust

A special type of Bounce Back that can occur when there is a center post between the flippers.

When a ball is heading Straight Down the Middle, the player makes a decision not to flip at the ball at all. The player believes that the ball will bounce off of the center post and back into play.

It takes a bit of willpower to chill out and not flip as the ball moves toward the center post. If the player has predicted correctly, the ball will bounce back from the post and above the flipper area, where the player can flip the ball away from danger. If the player has misjudged the path of the ball, then it will simply drain without the player having made a move to save it, which can look pretty foolish.

Conversely, if the player loses patience and tries to flip the ball, it may bounce off in a way where not flipping would have worked. The bad news here is that the ball might hit the bottom of the upraised flipper and drain as the flipper lowers.

The player walks a thin line each time they make a decision whether or not to use the Chill Maneuver.

Original Video by: Måns Jonasson

Animation credit: Dead Flip