Danger Zone

  • The moment of time immediately after an aggressive save when everyone is watching the screen flash “DANGER”, “DANGER DANGER”, and wondering if the machine will tilt or be safe.
  • The subsequent game state where you have to play super carefully, because you know any further move will tilt you out. Obviously extra potent on games with big bonuses, or when trying to make a ball 3 comeback.

Nominated by: Joe Schober

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Example for reference: PAPA 18 Zach Sharpe v. Robert Gagno on Star Trek Pro

Time index: 3h 45m 15s




YouTube video <= Click this link.

Other synonyms nominated:

  • Working Without a Net” – Keith Elwin
  • Borrowed Time” – Brian J Teyssier
  • (Flipping) On Thin Ice” – Greg Poverelli
  • Playing With House Money” – Colin MacAlpine

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