New Pinball Dictionary: Death Save

Death Save

A move used when the ball has traveled down the right outlane. As the ball approaches the center, the player jostles the machine sharply. If done well, the ball will bounce upwards off of the angled area below the center drain, where the player can quickly flip it back into play.

The Death Save is an illegal move in most pinball competitions.

From PAPA.ORG: (View their site for more flipper techniques.)

“The Death save is a technique players sometimes use in casual competition to send a ball draining down the right outlane back into the field of play. When the ball reach the outhole, the player raises the left flipper and pushes the game slightly forward and to the right. If the technique is performed correctly, the ball will rebound off of the metal guide leading to the center drain and rebound back into play.”

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Author: SSB

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