Spider-man Shimmy

The action of rapidly shaking the machine when the ball is on it’s way down the right inlane so that the ball can be caught and held on the right flipper, especially while playing the game Spider-man by STERN.

Successful executions of the Spider-man Shimmy result in repeated backhanded shots to the right vertical up-kicker (Doc-Ock Hole). This move is also known as the “Batman Shimmy” because it’s also a good move on that game (Scarecrow Hole).

Warning: Do not try the Spider-man Shimmy on a machine with a tight tilt, as it may cost you some tilt warnings. This is known as a “route move” because it usually works with machines on route (in arcades and other establishments like bars and pizza places, etc.), but it rarely works on tournament machines that typically have more conservative tilt settings.

[Coined by pinball player Ed Zeltmann]