WPPR-tunity (whopper-TUNE’-it-TEE’)

An abstract estimation of the worth of a pinball tournament that has been recognized by the IFPA for World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR) points.

A few things can affect the overall point value of a WPPR recognized tournament. They include:

  • The ranking of the players who participated in the event.
  • The total number of players that competed at the event.
  • The number of times the same type of event happens at the same location in a calendar year.
  • Whether the event has a side tournament to go along with the main event.
  • Whether there are multiple events in a short time period.

The combination of these factors is what forms an event’s value. Since it’s difficult to know the exact value beforehand, competitors make guesses to estimate the WPPR-tunity of an event.

They can make guesses based on who they think may show up to the event. They might try to predict the amount of people who will be there based on last year’s attendance, or where the tournament will be held, or who is running the event, etc.


    • “Pinburgh week” in April, 2013 was a huge WPPR-tunity for players  since there were five WPPR-ized events in seven days.