This Creature from the Black Lagoon has a Double Feature screen feature!

Link to source: PinballSP

Quoting PinballSP:

Holomodsp, Test on machine.

These past few days I’ve been fixing firmware bugs, and also making some changes to hardware that affected the product’s running.

Right now I only have to correct a bug, it goes pretty unnoticed and I could have done the video already, but I prefer to correct it.

One good news is that this kit does NOT need external power supply, it feeds directly from the 12 volts of pinball. Unless one already installed other mods that feed on pinball, in which case it will be recommended to use an external source, the kit plate has a jack to use that external tension.

Today and tomorrow I will be dedicated to solving the last bug, and I will be able to make and upload several videos of the product installed on the machine at stake.

The product is practically finished, we keep working on the latest videos as I try everything.


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