Dutch Pinball released a newsletter recently saying that:

  • They were waiting for a quote from a new contract manufacturer, received it and agreed to it.
  • Dutch Pinball is not revealing detailed information about this manufacturer yet.
  • This contractor is a company with experience in building electro-mechanical devices.
  • This company has a factory with about 100 workers and does business internationally.
  • This company is enthusiastic about the TBL project.
  • There will be another update next week after they drink more White Russians in celebration.

OK. A bit of “market-y” language, with a bit of “surface-level-y” stuff sprinkled on top.

Does this mean the games won’t cost any more money? (I said, unrealistically).

We’ve found a representative of Dutch Pinball and asked for a comment.

(No we didn’t at all. He just had on the t-shirt at the time. Wait a minute… Who is this “WE” anyway? WE is just ME typing to myself.)


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