Well, here it is. The mathematical combinations, permutations, recursions and calculus that WPPR enthusiasts have been waiting for have been revealed over at IFPA PINBALL.

How will the new formula affect you? It will be intriguing to find out how this affects competitive pinball. Which areas will become WPPR hotspots? Which locations will dwindle into WPPR deserts. Will it matter much at all?


Tournament players and directors, it’s time to study up and increase your WPPR education now. Thank goodness there will not be a test later, and there’s no sign of the Common Core showing up.

However, there is a convenient spreadsheet at the very bottom with a host of examples from tournaments held in the previous year. It shows how the new system would have rated that tournament and the point differences.

And please, let’s withhold all kvetching and moaning at least until the system is in place and rolling. I’m off to continue studying so I can know my TVAs from my TGPs and my SGOs from my IEPs.

(Warning… there are teacher-y, educational-like references in the previous post that no one will understand unless you are a teacher. To distract you, here is a random pinball GIF that has just magically appeared.)


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