PinballSTAR Amusements will be running a Wizard of Oz side tournament at PAPA 16 this Friday, August 9, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Many prizes will be awarded and this tournament is WPPR-ized. So when you are not trying to qualify for Classics or for your respective division of choice, make sure to compete in this event since proceed are going to charity.

From the press release:

PinballSTAR Amusements (Jersey Jack Distributor) is happy to announce that in conjunction with the fine folks at the PAPA 16 event this week in Pittsburgh we will be running a WPPR points side tournament on a Wizard of OZ on Friday 10-5.

WPPR points awarded and over $ 3,100 in prizes and giveaways. All proceeds to go to the PinballSTAR Amusements charity fund towards donation of WOZ machines to Children’s Hospitals.
We are a JJP distributor and have set aside a number of games we bought to be donated to childrens hospitals for kids that are sick, injured, recovering from surgeries, etc… to play while there. Most children’s hospitals have play rooms with video games, puzzles, toys, board games, etc.. I have a disabled child myself so this aspect of our company is something that is very personal to me. When we became JJP distributors and with the WOZ theme – it was a perfect opportunity to do this with the help of the pinball community. Along with this tournament and other events we participate in we also donate a portion of every game sale (both WOZ and Hobbit) to the fund. We are close to reaching our goal of donating our first game and we are quite sure this PAPA event will push us over the top… then we work on game #2 donation and so on…

Here is how it will work :
1. $ 5 per entry / play – 3 balls. Enter as many times as you’d like.
2. Every entrant gets a PinballSTAR Tshirt ($ 15 value) on their first entry (until supplies are gone of each size S to 3XL)
3. Places will be determined by highest scores during the entire tournament time of Fri 12-5. WPPR points assigned in sliding scale fashion based on final place in standings.
4. Prizes assigned to top 10 places and also Ipods awarded for a few extra categories (see below).
5. ALL proceeds go to charity.

Prizes : Almost everything signed by Jersey Jack Guarnieri. He donated most of the WOZ items and PinballSTAR Amusements donated the Backglass, Limited Edition WOZ Posters, tshirts, and all the Ipods. I think we came up with a great bunch of extras to go with the WPPR points.

1st – WOZ Main PF – $ 500 value
2nd – WOZ Backglass – $ 330 value
3rd – WOZ Translight – $ 75 value
4th – WOZ Translight – $ 75 value
5th – WOZ Munchkin Mini PF – $ 75 value
6th – WOZ Witch Castle PF – $ 75 value
7th – WOZ Emerald City Topper – $ 75 value
8th – WOZ Slingshot plastics, Witch Figure, Flyer, and Poster $ 50 value
9th – WOZ Slingshot plastics, Witch Figure, Flyer, and Poster $ 50 value
10th – WOZ Wizard plastic, Flyer, and Poster $ 25 value

I am also going to bring 5 Ipod Nano’s $ 50 value each to give away for the following just to add to the fun :

Under Age 16 – highest score
Female – highest score
Most individual entries played
Partners – High Score (these entries will not count towards WPPR points)
One Handed – High Score (these entries will not count towards WPPR points)

That over $ 3,100 in prizes and giveaways… !

Additionally, the Wizard of Oz will be there with bill acceptor and on $ 1 per play during all hours of the PAPA event – Thurs 8/8 through Sun 8/11. Please come try out the new WOZ game in person and help a great cause.

We will also be offering for sale WOZ flyers and PinballSTAR Limited Edition WOZ Posters – both for $ 25. Again ALL proceeds going to charity. There will be a donation jar with the game as well if you are so inclined to add to the charity kitty.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Kevin Martin and Mark Steinman of PAPA for partnering with PinballSTAR Amusements in making this happen. We hope to raise a lot of money for the charity. PAPA donates a lot of money themselves to local Pittsburgh charities and these folks should be commended for the great pinball events they put on and also the extra they do for their own charity endeavors. Tip of the hat to you guys !

Additionally, Mark Steinman and Bowen Kerins were our guest on the August Spooky Pinball Podcast to talk about the PAPA 16 event – give it a listen…

I will be manning the tournament all day Friday and also will be there explaining the WOZ machine and gameplay the other days – please stop by to say hi and talk pinball. You do not have to be a tournament player to attend the PAPA event. Come and see the incredible collection of hundreds of games set up for play. You will be hard pressed to find a collection of games of the variety and quality anywhere else.

See you all this week in Pittsburgh !

Joe Newhart
PinballSTAR Amusements
Jersey Jack Pinball Distributor
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