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OK, sure that backglass may look … unfortunate, but I like playing the game very much, and Keith Johnson’s software is a major reason why. His rule set makes this game highly enjoyable. Also, this is one game I’d rather play in tournament mode due to the predictability of certain features.

World Poker Tour ProTips:

  • Make sure that you bring a “Poker Corner” into “No Limit Multiball” with you so that the resulting stack enhances your scoring opportunities. “Change Gears” is a good choice since that mode will sometimes cause all upper playfield shots and switches to be worth points. “Steal the Blinds” is also good, not just because I like the way the little thief character steals the chips when you make a shot. During this mode, the bumpers raise the Big Blind value which maxes out at 5 Million(!). During Multiball, you can expect the balls to hit the bumpers many times, which will cause your Big Blind to grow quickly.
  • An even better strategy is to start a “Poker Corner” and “Multiball” with the same shot (the upper right scoop/hole). You can do this if “Poker Corner” and Lock 3 (with a flashing lock light) are both lit. Trap the ball on the left flipper. Then, choose your favorite mode with the right flipper, and shoot the scoop/hole with the left flipper. Only the right flipper cycles through the modes, so your left flipper shot will not change the mode that is lit.
  • Use Ace-in-the Hole to extend Multiball and Mode stacking. If you are able to do strategy #2 correctly, you can start Ace-in-the-Hole Multiball again. This is true if the game is set to allow another Ace-in-the-Hole after starting a Poker Corner mode, or after a Multiball.
  • You will most likely be able to get two extra balls every game. You will light one for completing the second city (by finishing three Texas Hold ’em Poker Hands), and you will also light one for getting 10 side pots during Ace-in-the Hole Multiball.
  • Don’t sleep on All-In Multiball. If your are close to the All-In pot value, get those spinners going.
  • Use your Triple Score wisely. Think of how much your score can jump if you can Triple Score a full house and complete a city with one shot. How about Triple Scoring a maxed out Steal the Blinds Big Blind value? This takes some luck but it can happen. Triple Triple Jackpot, anyone?
  • Always have “Cut the Cards” lit. Always. Anytime you are on the upper playfield and “Cut the Cards” is not lit, shoot the area above the lock shot/ vertical up-kicker (the leftmost upper playfield shot) to relight it.
  • Playing the game in tournament mode is not necessarily a bad thing. In tournament mode, there is a set order for the value of the poker hands that you will get. They may not be the same cards, but the rank will be the same. This means you will see high-value hands like a full house at the same point in your game. A full house makes the poker hand worth 6x the pot value. Have that Triple Score ready when you see that high value hand so you can take down 18x your pot value.

    <<SPOILERS! (Highlight the blank area to reveal them.)>>

    In tournament mode, Texas Hold ’em hands are always awarded in the following order (HC=high card, 1P=1 pair, 2P=2 pair, 3K=3 of a kind, ST= straight, FL=flush, FH=full house, 4K=4 of a kind, SF=straight flush, RF=royal flush):
    1P, 2P, 3K, 1P, HC, 1P, FH, 2P, ST, 1P, FL, 2P, 1P, 3K, 4K, HC, 1P, 2P, ST, 1P, FL, 2P, 1P, FH, 3K, HC, 1P, 2P, ST, 1P, FL, 2P, 1P, 3K, SF, HC, 1P, 2P, ST, 1P, FH, FL, 2P, 1P, 3K, HC, 1P, 2P, ST, RF

  • Also, tournament mode follows a general if-then flowchart of awards for the Mystery and Cut-the-Cards features. For example: If you do not have a Triple Score lit and you are one card away from completing your hand, choose Mystery. Most likely, you will light the Triple Score. Then, you can let the ball drop down to the right inlane, activate the Triple Score, and take your shot to complete the hand. It’s a big-pressure shot for big points. I have been able to do this successfully to make hands worth more than 8 Million points, plus even more points for completing the city. Another feature that the Mystery could start is Double Hurry-up, which can award a nice amount of points for a quick shot.
    <<MORE SPOILERS!  (Highlight the blank area to reveal them.)>>

Skill Shot Mystery awards

These are given according to the following rules (the same award will never be given back-to-back):

    • If 3x scoring isn’t lit, light 3x scoring.
    • If a Hurry-up isn’t already running, start Double Hurry-up.
    • Give a value increase award.
    • If nothing else is available, then cycle between : Medium points (500,000), Small points (50,000)

“Cut the Cards” mystery awards

These are given according to the following rules (the same award will never be given back-to-back, unless it’s the Keefer Invitational) :

    • If Keefer Invitational is qualified and able to start (i.e. not in Multiball currently), then start Keefer Invitational.
    • If a Multiball is running, and there is at least one ball in the trough, then add-a-ball. This is only allowed once, but is re-enabled after every Multiball started (add-a-ball enables do not stack, however).
    • If a Poker Corner mode is running, then add time (15 seconds). This is allowed up to 3 times for each mode.
    • If 3x scoring isn’t lit, then light 3x scoring.
    • If none of the above are currently available, then award something from the following set of awards:
      • Raise bars, if Ace in the Hole Multiball hasn’t been played yet.
      • Advance Texas Holdem, if available.
      • Award side pot, if the value is at least 500,000.
      • Spot chip trick, if the rule is available.
      • Start Double Hurry-up, if a hurry-up isn’t already running.
      • Value increase award (for example: increase bumpers 2,500 points)
      • Hold award, if not the last ball.
    • If nothing can be given without repeating, then cycle between :
    • Medium points (500,000)
    • Small points (50,000)


  • Additionally, you still can get extra balls in tournament mode. However, if the game is set to award points for extra balls, the award is 5 Million.