Well Stern Pinball once again manages to not demonstrate the ability to have control over the announcement of their next…

Posted by This Flippin Podcast on Monday, August 29, 2016

OK, first of all, BURN! (It’s the compliment sandwich that helps it go down easier.)


  • if “there will be no pro”
  • and”there will be a premium”
  • and an LE deposit exists ($2,000.00), so there is an LE version
  • and there will be a “SUPER LE” for, maybe the #SuperUltimateFans
    • which will make the #NotSoSuperFans jealous

Isn’t that another way of saying:

  • The premium is the pro?
  • The LE is the premium?
  • The SUPER LE is the LE?
  • With a dose of marketing, up-selling and a price increa– (SHHH! Shut up about the possible icepray ikehay)

Maybe the original 2008 version is “The Pro” in this scenario, and that completes the circle.


Regardless, with all the talk going on, there better not be any things ghosting on this game. No ghosts, no spirits, no apparitions, no Patrick Swayze, there better not be even a Ouija board any where near this game. I shudder to think of the troll-ish carnage that would result on all of the forums, podcasts and other assorted pinball media.

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