Wait … I am confused.

Wonka’s Golden Tickets came free with certain chocolate bars. When you bought one, if you didn’t get a Ticket, at least you got to eat a chocolate bar.

The closest thing to this example would be if 30 of the people who will purchase Batman LE machines will get randomly chosen to receive a Super LE machine.

Maybe this means that 30 people who think they are buying an LE will open their boxes and find a Super LE instead. Is that it? But, the only way that works is if the LE and the Super LE are the same price.


However, the promotional flyer says “purchase by invitation only”, not “by random selection”. That reads like 30 potential purchasers will be blessed by Stern to possibly purchase a Super LE machine.

If that’s the case, what is the criteria to be one of these privileged few buyers? Influence? Klout Score? Number of followers/Likes/Subscribers? Amount of times you’ve posted about being an #UltimateSternPinballFan on social media? Whether or not you’ve been banned from their Facebook page? Whether you are a previous Stern purchaser?

Or will these invitations really be issued randomly? According to that tweet above, they already have been issued.

We, and the late Gene Wilder require some additional details …


RIP, Gene Wilder.

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