Quoting the newsletter…

For those new to our products and vision, the three machines in the picture are the same… same cabinet, same backbox, same power supplies, same control system, same playfield frame, etc. What’s different are the upper playfield modules, the translites, the magnetic cabinet artwork (including aprons), and of course the software and lower playfield LCD content. Anybody with a P3 and a library of games can play them all on the same machine, and switching them takes only seconds.

Past tense musings and self-congratulatory notes aside, what we’ve done so far is just the beginning. Now that the platform is shipping in growing numbers, we’re able to give more and more attention to delivering fun games, improving customer experiences, and building up inventory so we can ship machines and games to customers and distributors on demand.

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Source: Pinball Evolution Achieved! – Multimorphic, Inc