TechRaptor gives the specific on what’s being dropped. But if you know the game you are thinking of has a Bally, Midway or Williams brand, it’s out.

Source: TechRaptor

Farsight Studios have announced via Facebook that their licensing agreement for the Williams and Bally pinball trademarks will not be renewed. Tables manufactured by those two companies will no longer be purchasable within Pinball Arcade on all platforms. This includes everything from Medival Madness and Black Knight 2000 to licensed titles such as Doctor Who and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The latter pair is notable, as they are two of the five crowdfunded tables present in the current game. All these Kickstarter successes will no longer be available to purchase once the update rolls out.

Overall, Pinball Arcade will be reduced from the current 95 tables to just 33.

The list is available here on TechRaptor.

Also, no last minute fire sales or discount bargains will be happening due to FarSights Licensing agreement.

FarSight has stated that previous owners of the tables will be able to play them indefinitely. New owners interested in grabbing these soon to be delisted pins will need to pay full price, as FarSight’s licensing agreement have barred them from offering any discounts. The seven current seasons are $30 a pop on Steam, although individual tables and two packs can be purchased from inside the game.

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