YouTube creator, ‘Pinball Shenanigans’ visits the pinball collection of Eddie D’Orazio, and participates in a tournament there, which including some potentially familiar faces.

Video description: “Tour of Eddie D’Orazio’s amazing 50 pinball machine collection!”

“Eddie D’Orazio gives us a quick tour of the “Wizards Den”. I lost count but there must be 50 pinball machines up there! Everything from the newest LE Sterns, to JJP games and some classic solid state and EM pins and some cool and rare oddball machines as well! We also get a little tour of his inventory for his pinball parts business which can be found at

“What an amazing collection! Shortly after I played a tournament and got to play in the Wizards Den. It was a blast. Thanks Eddie for the tour!”
Video description: “My 1st IFPA Pinball Tournament since covid hit. What a fantastic collection of machines!”
“Follow along as I shake off the dust and wipe off the rust! How do I end up doing? Thanks to Eddie D’Orazio for hosting!”

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