400 celebration monument

If you were thinking of registering for Pinburgh, you’d better see if you can join the wait list. PAPA has just helped to prove that if you make pinball available, people will come. Four-hundred flipper fanatics will ensure that this year’s Pinburgh competition will rival the PAPA World Championships for the most competitive event in pinball.

Plus, there are more events scheduled that will take up the rest of Pinburgh week. So, you might as well take the whole week off work/school/job hunting/whatever. I know I am.

Anyone who says pinball is dying needs to take a quick look at the giant list of participants that have signed up for this one tournament.

Get your car pools ready, because soon after the PAPA facility opens, there won’t be such things as a “parking spaces”.

May the pinball gods grant the machines the endurance to withstand the beatings that they will take during this tournament. May they also grant the tournament organizers the patience and enthusiasm to last through this event and make it historic.