Sean Grant (2nd), Tim Tournay (1st), Mark Steinman (3rd), Lyman Sheats (4th)


“They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, But We Did It!”
–The Dells, 1977

On Saturday, January 12, 2013, 64 players furiously competed against each other in a battle for pinball supremacy. OK, less dramatically, it was a very good time.

Although there were growing pains from having to organize 64 players which was twice the amount of any previous Pinferno event, it worked out well.

Even though we finished 10 games, we still ended up with a close range of points, including a 3-way tie for the 8th seed (first round bye) and a seven way tie for 2 spots to make the final 24 bracket. I suppose that’s just how these scoring systems work. The number to make the tie-breaker was 29 points.

I would like to thank Jon Ehrlich, plus the entire staff of Reciprocal NYC for hosting this event, and for their hospitality towards me and all of the players. I want to thank Bowen Kerins and Mark Steinman for their valuable guidance that contributed to the success of the event. Thanks also to Eddie Cramer for helping to keep the machines in playable condition, especially as the games started to get temperamental as the day went on.

I also want to thank all of the 63 other players and the spectators for their patience and understanding as I was score-keeping.

However, I certainly would not like to thank Starship Troopers and Creature from the Black Lagoon for being the longest playing games of the tournament. Especially Starship with it’s Loop Multiball.

And now, the complete and final standings for Pinferno VII: “Not your PAPA’s Pinferno”.



1st: Tim Tournay – seeded 20th with 30 points in the qualifying round
2nd: Sean Grant – seeded 6th with 34 points
3rd: Mark Steinman – seeded 2nd with 38 points
4th: Lyman Sheats – seeded 1st with 39 points
T-5th: Bryan Doull – seeded 3rd with 37 points
T-5th: Andrew Rosa – seeded 5th with 36 points
T-5th: Trent Augenstein – seeded 8th with 33 points – Won tie-breaker on Tommy
T-5th: Jory Rabinovitz – seeded 10th with 33 points – Finished 3rd in Tie-breaker on Tommy
T-9th: Joshua Henderson – seeded 9th with 33 points – Finished 2nd in Tie-breaker on Tommy
T-9th: Steve Zahler – seeded 4th with 36 points
T-9th: Ed Zeltmann – seeded 7th with 34 points
T-9th: Jennifer Peavler – seeded 11th with 32 points
T-9th: Jon Ehrlich – seeded 14th with 31 points
T-9th: Frank Romero – seeded 15th with 31 points
T-9th: Steve Marsh – seeded 16th with 31 points
T-9th: Mitchman Funkotron – seeded 21st with 30 points
T-17th: Howard Levine – seeded 12th with 32 points
T-17th: Kevin Stone – seeded 13th with 31 points
T-17th: Lukasz Dziatkiwicz – seeded 17th with 30 points
T-17th: Dom Zito – seeded 18th with 30 points
T-17th: John Hurd – seeded 19th with 30 points
T-17th: Eddie Cramer – seeded 22nd with 30 points
T-17th: Sanjay Shah – seeded 23rd with 29 points – Won tie-breaker on Fish Tales
T-17th: Stephen Keeler – seeded 24th with 29 points – Finished 2nd in tie-breaker on Fish Tales
25th: Ken Rossi with 29 points – Finished 3rd in tie-breaker on Fish Tales
26th: Jeff Harrison with 29 points – Finished 4th in tie-breaker on Fish Tales
27th: Joe Said with 29 points – Finished 5th in tie-breaker on Fish Tales
28th: Ian Harbor with 29 points- Finished 6th in tie-breaker on Fish Tales
29th: Adam Cane with 29 points – Finished 7th in tie-breaker on Fish Tales
T-30th: Jason Werdrick with 28 points
T-30th Steven Bowden with 28 points
T-32nd: Sam Thompson with 27 points
T-32nd: Andy Rosa with 27 points
T-32nd: Eric Asher with 27 points
T-32nd: Mike Pantino with 27 points
T-36th: Pete Hendricks with 26 points
T-36th: Jerry Bernard with 26 points
T-36th: Francesco La Rocca with 26 points
T-36th: Josh Boerman with 26 points
T-36th: Mark Henderson with 26 points
T-36th: Pat Castaldo with 26 points
T-36th: Koi Morris with 26 points
T-36th: Matt Makowski with 26 points
T-44th: Frederick Asher with 25 points
T-44th: Jill Hennessy with 25 points
T-44th: Jody Jodon with 25 points
T-47th: Scott Lano with 24 points
T-47th: Nick Lombardo with 24 points
T-47th: James Swain Jr. with 24 points
T-47th: Kevin Nickel with 24 points
T-51st: Matt Hess with 23 points
T-51st: Doug Polka with 23 points
T-51st: Jeff Prunier with 23 points
T-51st: Cristin O’Connor Gasson with 23 points
T-55th: Beau Briggs with 22 points
T-55th: Michael Mattsson with 22 points
T-55th: Greg Matherly with 22 points
T-55th: Avi Rosenberg with 22 points
T-59th: Anthony Dohnert with 21 points
T-59th: Joshua Maes with 21 points
61st: Penni Epstein with 20 points
62nd: Colyn Hunt with 18 points
63rd: Mike Field with 17 points
64th: Bryan Broyles with 16 points