The final game of Pinferno 7 on World Cup Soccer
Tim Tournay vs. Sean Grant


Filmed by: Koi Morris

What happened here reminded me of what happened at the 2012 Northwest Pinball Championships in a tie-breaking match between Takashi Ito and Daniele Acciari. In that game. Takashi was down by 8 million points with 2 goals made. If Takashi had just dropped the ball, he would have collected a bonus of at least 10 million and he would have eliminated Daniele from the playoffs.

However, Takashi did almost the exact same thing as what happened here. With a ball draining down the right side, Takashi made an unnecessary nudge which was not even as hard as what you see in this video. He tilted, and Daniele won. A few of us were in stunned silence with our hands over our mouths like we were bad actors in a movie. Daniele went on to win the entire tournament. Takashi’s tilt turned out to be an error worth thousands of dollars to Daniele.