These places on the interwebs are justifiably awesome. Why not visit some of them?

The Professional & Amateur Pinball Association

The International Flipper Pinball Association


Coast 2 Coast Pinball
A podcast, a commentary, a man out of quarters


Credit Dot
Mapping pinball trends for the casual enthusiast


Modern Pinball NYC
Home of one of the premier locations of pinball in New York City, Modern Pinball aims to bring the passion of pinball to all ages.


My Pinball Arcade
“Welcome to the best pinball reviews, videos, news and information on the internet.” Seriously, though, the reviews are well done.
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Project Pinball
Pinball machines give the young patients motivation to get back on their feet and it also provides the family members of the patients and the support staff a little recreational lift …

Reciprocal NYC
The only place in Manhattan (and maybe the world) to successfully combine skateboarding and pinball. If you are anywhere near the NYC area, you owe yourself a visit here.


Pinball Outreach Project
P.O.P.’s Mission: To improve the lives of hospitalized children during the downtime of treatment by bringing the game, history and excitement of pinball to Children’s Hospitals.
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Classic Game Room
Who knows what game they will review next? It could be anything since this site isn’t bothered by simple things like how old a game is. CGR is also majorly responsible for raising the market value of the pinball game TX-Sector. Travel to the disco pinball dimension!

Pinball News
Pretty much what it says in the banner there. Super-detailed reviews of games, news and previews, tournament coverage and more.

The official home of the Arcade Hunters. Dedicated to proving that arcades are not dead, Arcade Hunters investigates prospective gaming locations searching for signs of life and games in playable condition.
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Pinball Map
If you want to find a pinball machine location in North America, Pinball Map is an excellent place to start your search. It’s a database maintained by players so YMMV. My mileage has been good, though.


Pinball Soul

“To find the Soul of Pinball, look to people that are passionate about playing the game. People that collect and maintain games. People that build games. People that promote pinball as entertainment and art.”

Rockmelon Soda
The home of the web series The Journalism Show. Retired videogame journalist, Geraldo Beedog must continue to use his powers of JOURNALISM while trying to spend quality time with his loving wife and children, who are certainly not puppets. Created by Topher Cantler whom you’d better know from internets such as Destructoid, RetroforceGO!, and The Electric Hydra.
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Pinball Head
This resource for pinheads has breaking news, reviews, rumors and details on industry events. Plus, analysis of custom accessories, parts and pinball gear to keep your machines running better than factory.


Brooklyn Pinball
The Internet home of Al Cihak, the Don of pinball in Brooklyn, New York. Al takes pride in making sure his machines operate well for his customers in the Greater New York area.

Fun With Bonus
Here, you will find the semi-coherent, misguided ramblings of a journeyman professional/amateur pinball player. If you are seeing this on the Prolefeed, you are already here. If you know what “Prolefeed” refers to, may you have a ++good day.
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