Krystle and Stephanie catch up on LOTS of things including Pinball Expo, Deadpool, Beatles and more.

Episode 5 – Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

A mere three months after the Pinburgh episode, Steph and Krystle are back for…Expo? And a lot has happened!

Gfuel is Great, But Somehow We’re Discussing Granola and Stuff?
Our Week….wait…no…in [excuses]
– Our Three-Month Weeks in Pinball
Steph’s Twitch:
The Biscuits:;
– This News in Newsball
New Machines!
A. Deadpool
B. Beatles
C. Oktoberfest (also in Expo)
Expo Ball
– Letterball
– Sportsball 10/28
Puckball with a Pinball Twist
– Breaking Bad Retheme Art:
– Sad Farewells: David Taylor and Dahlia Rowan


Special Thanks to Frank Guida of Guida Creative Services (aka my dad) for the outro

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