Chris Granner has made the soundtracks to most of your favorite pinball games. Ryan and Martin talk with Chris about his career as well as pinball music theory and practice and tell some good stories.

Also, find out what Chris is working on now.

Followed by the news and more on the Twerpys.

  • Right place at the right time
  • Williams employees
  • How to create a music theme for Pinball
  • Connecting shots to sounds
  • Original Theme VS License
  • Chris Vs Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Addams Family call outs
  • Pinsound board
  • Working at Capcom
  • LOTR sounds
  • Deep voices in 90s games
  • Why Chris left Pinball
  • Primus Pinball
  • New JJP code
  • Slam Tilt Podcast
  • Twerpys
  • Social Media watch
  • Slam the top 100
  • Flipout 2018
  • HardQuiz on Pinball
  • Metallica 1.80 update
  • Quicksilver x 2
  • A great WPPRtunity

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