PinballEDU is offering signed art prints of the called shot from now until March 25th, 2016. Get a signed piece of history and help out a worthy charity.

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Roger Sharpe’s 40th Celebration Artwork

From PinballEDU:

You might already know about Roger Sharpe and his pivotal role in pinball history. It’s been FORTY years since Roger “called the shot” in front of the the New York City counsel, overturning the 34 year ban on Pinball!

Available until March 25st, and commemorating this moment in history, is a Limited Edition Giclee (150 prints), personally SIGNED by Roger.

When you get one of these Limited Edition prints, your donation goes to directly to Pinball EDU Charity, 501(c)3 and is tax deductible. Pinball EDU was created to improve the quality of life for children with special needs and autism spectrum disorders through pinball-focused social and educational activities.


If you feel the game of pinball has affected the trajectory of your life, and would like to help further Pinball EDU’s mission, please make a tax-deductible donation today.

You can have a piece of pinball history hanging in your arcade, game room, or conference room.

This is only available in North America.

Thank you,

Joe P. Said
Executive Director/Founder
Pinball EDU Charity, 501(c)3 #47-2840921


New Pinball Dictionary Nominations

New Pinball Dictionary Nominations

From IFPA President Josh Sharpe

As pinball continues to battle the stigma of being an old school gambling machine not thought of in a positive light, it’s organizations like Pinball EDU that show not only is the game of pinball a positive form of entertainment, but that it truly has the ability to impact lives outside of that 3D world under glass.

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