FOX 9 News interviews LTG and shows the restoration of SS Billiards due to a Kickstarter campaign.

(+1 CinemaSin for using “Pinball Wizard” as a musical bed.)



“How Do I Pinball?” lays down the 10 commandments of pinball etiquette.

A couple of my favorites:

Back off. Also, don’t stand too close to a player, give that person their space. Pinball is a physical game, and many players tend to get very animated, such as kicking their legs. Plus, no one likes a creeper, so don’t hover.

Yes, don’t hover… it’s rude.


No crop dusting. Yes, flatulence is a natural bodily function but it’s not something you need to share with everyone else. Take it outside.

New Pinball Dictionary: Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare is a dastardly tactic.

Check out the rest of the “Ten” at “How Do I Pinball?”

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