Gizmodo posted a feature article showing examples of pinball machine art over time. They also displayed some examples of pinball backglass art. Fellow pinball enthusiasts already know how much of an art form a pinball playfield can be. Even myself, who pays attention much more to the gameplay than the art.

Really, if it doesn’t have a light on it telling me what it is, I’ll just miss it sometimes when I am playing. I guess I have some form of pinball playfield art blindness. I’m getting better at that, though.

50 Gorgeous Examples of Pinball Machine Art

50 Gorgeous Examples of Pinball Machine Art …

Get Lost in the Intricate Details ...

Get lost in the intricate details …

Galactic Dimesion

Check out this giant pinball machine made of everyday household items!

Quoted from the article:

As a science center should stimulate creativity and inventiveness, I repurposed everyday items like hair dryers and office fans for the playfield elements, giving the visitors the idea that they could also build such a contraption at home.
The result is a fully playable machine, operated via a control desk where the score is displayed on a jumbo calculator. Needless to say – hunting the high score is galactic fun! Watch the video above to see the machine in action!

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