There is an email submitted to the podcast and read in Ron’s “Aussie” accent, that appears at about one hour and 20 minutes into the show.

It is an important email that is prevalent to our lives. It is a breakdown of the frustrations, the angst even, of someone who is heroically efforting to enjoy Ghostbusters Pinball.

It is … beautiful.

The only thing missing from it is the author getting airball drained by the “Brick Brothers” themselves.

Tim Sexton and Greg Poverelli join us this week to talk some Pinball.

-Greg’s Pinball Bio
-IFPA European Vacation
-Spring Fling Tournament
-More Ghostbusters Pain, Plus an Exploit
-Sexton Thwarts Sexting
-Albany League Finals, Exceptional Fail
-Buffalo 12 Hour Twitch Marathon
-Pinball News
-Slam Tilt Stargazer
-Bally Sound Boards
-Games to Like, Games to Hate
-Stellar Wars Launch Party
-Pinball on HBO Real Sports
-Mail Ball Bag
-Upcoming Events

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