Thirty seconds worth of trailer of a game that doesn’t even come close to the same thirty seconds of the real thing.

In these thirty seconds of video:

  • The multiball lightshow spectacular does not melt the player’s retinas away, leaving their eyeballs on the floor.
  • The right ramp hairpin corkscrew turn shot is made cleanly! (Yeah, right)
  • The magna-sling ghost thingies didn’t throw the ball straight down the middle.
  • The balls are slow enough for the player to see and react to what is going on. (Too slow!)


Come back when the game is able to reach out, kick you in the stomach, punch you in the face, and then thumb you in both eyes like a professional wrestler at the start of Storage Facility Multiball. Only THEN will this simulation approach reality.

Forget this … I need my Ghostbusters sunglasses.


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