I don’t mind mainstream press using the word ‘wizard’ to describe people who are good at pinball. It’s the word they are most familiar with, so whatever brings new pinballers into the scene is fine with me.

However, what other word would be good to promote? I mean, The Who’s TOMMY had the word ‘wizard’ on lockdown.


The Connection
Pinball Kevin, Pinball Wizard
McLean man hosts state pinball championships.

More than 30,000 players are ranked and more than 2,400 events bounce around the globe annually, according to the International Flipper Pinball Association, which started tournament-tracking nine years ago.

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The Buffalo News
Pinball player recalls bouncing from bar to bar to find a machine

The cool thing about pinball is that it’s real. It relies on physics. It’s not a video game that somebody programmed that operates the same way every time. You can’t beat a pinball machine. You’re going to play and play and eventually lose. What really hooked me is that I am a competitive person.

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