Pinball machines gotta have mods. Virtual reality pinball machines gotta have virtual reality mods! At least a physical mod that helps with the virtual reality.

  • Welcome to the “PinSim”. It’s the realest virtual pinball yet.
  • How well does it interact with Pinball FX?
  • What about the lag?
  • What about The Pinball Arcade?
  • Could this affect the market prices of real pinball games?

From the video description:

Our virtual reality correspondent Jeremy Williams is also a huge pinball enthusiast. So when he first played Pinball FX 2 VR on the Oculus Rift, he knew he had to build a custom cabinet to play the game. Here’s his “PinSim”, a cabinet controller to play VR pinball with tactile controls and even an acclerometer-based nudge system!

Find more of Jeremy’s projects at

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