Do you remember Super Hyper Ball? You don’t? Well it is a game that resulted after you take about a cup of pinball, Add a cup of Arkanoid, Sprinkle generously with some Space Invaders, Add half of a bottle of 5-hour energy, Put it all in a bowl, and MIX THE CRAP OUT OF IT!

But, one thing it didn’t have was FLIPPERS! WHAT?! That right, there were no flippers. Now, this new version seeks to rectify that glaring omission. Other changes include the fact that you are battling skull things instead of alien things on this version. There are also plans for a boss rush mode, a new endless mode and a better story mode. It’s in beta right now and in development to be released for your favorite iOS device and Android platform. You may still be able to sign up for beta access at

You can also check out further details on what this game will be about on:

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