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Is the North American Championship Series of bracketed tournaments a Sternament? Dennis Kriesel has the analysis.

Article excerpt:

These locations produced a list of 706 pinball machines available for play (attempts were made to not count games that were removed from consideration before the events began).

While it is not possible to confirm if these games statistically represent the locations that did not report (the sample size of locations is too small to make such a claim, and game choice can really vary depending on if the location is a public venue or a private collector), there is a lot of interesting information to be found given we have a majority of the locations reflected.

One of the biggest questions asked is whether the NACS is a ‘Sternament‘ (a play off the word tournament often used to signify that all, or most, of the pins in a competition are made by Stern Pinball, the current leading manufacturer of games).

Source: NACS 2019: A Game Analysis

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