The SAPS is finally here! I wonder how often this show will be produced? Their goal is to have a show every two weeks, but I hope they are not a slave to a schedule.

The three hosts talk about recent pinballing including the Houston Arcade Expo, and Free Play Florida. They also talk about Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland [RAZA]. Of course, I would focus on that because I’m part of the production of that game. I’ll just say that their coverage on RAZA was very … insightful.


Episode description:

IT’S FINALLY HERE!  Episode 1 of the pinball podcast you have been waiting for.  Pinball Artist Christopher Franchi, along with Ed VanderVeen from Texas Pinball Festival and “Dr. Pin” Christian Line, we not only bring you our opinions, but rare interviews and over the top entertainment, making this one unique podcast.   This episode dedicated to the memory of Gene Cunningham.

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