The Ultimate Guide to Pinball by Hopes and Fears

The Ultimate Guide to Pinball by Hopes and Fears

Hopes and Fears offers “The Ultimate Guide to Pinball” which is their attempt to present the history, personalities, the scene and the how-to guide to playing pinball.

What are the greatest machines ever made? Where did pinball come from? Where is it going? Why shouldn’t you flip both flippers at the same time? Here it is, your ultimate guide.

It’s a comprehensive guide that includes comments from top players, tips and tricks, and shows what makes pinball the game that we love. It’s a place to point people who are looking for a good read about pinball.

Those who know, please try to avoid butt-clenching when you see certain errors. They don’t detract from the overall feature. Though, it does remind me that even well-researched articles can have … mistakes.

That’s enough apologetics. Click here or the pic above to go to full article.

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