Jersey Jack Pinball showed off The Wizard of Oz  in its current incarnation at the 2012 Pacific Pinball Expo. WOW! Look at all the pretty colors! Note that there is almost no ruleset shown on this video, just Multiball. However, since Keith Johnson is handling that, I’m not worried at all. They’ve already showed a short video of a mode indicating that the flippers get reversed, but where the scoring gets boosted. They’ve also showed a clip of a possible hurry-up mode.

I just hope that when I finally do get to play it, I don’t get blinded by the LED’s. I remember playing an F-14 at Ken Rossi’s place with LEDs, and it was the brightest game I have seen. It was like looking at the most patriotic eclipse ever while trying to flip at the ball. Wizard of Oz looks like it’s approaching sun-glare level brightness.

I am ready for this game.