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I post this not only for “The Pin” itself, but to ask the following question:

I’m no expert, but …

If STERN could release “The Pin”, a solid looking, nearly full size game with alpha numeric displays for $2,499.00, what prevents Stern from¬†bringing back some classic Stern games for around the same price? Even if there were a “3” in front of the price tag instead of a “2” that would move games out of the door.

I’m just asking questions! ( ūüôā )


Would a re-release of Seawitch have to cost $6,000.00 or more?

  • Is it predicted that not enough people¬†would buy them?
  • Would the re-creation of parts cost a prohibitive amount?
  • Maybe the ‘The Pin” itself wasn’t very successful. Was it?¬†Did many people buy it?
  • Maybe they just don’t want to dip into the classic Stern library.
  • Maybe it just costs that¬†much to make a game now.
  • Or, is it that people¬†will buy them. LOTS of people. So, the market dictates that they¬†would be able to¬†sell them for $6,000.00 or more and still sell as many as they want.

I’m trying to answer my own questions, because I honestly would¬†like to know. I believe a past episode of Coast 2 Coast Pinball went through some of this, so now I have to hunt for that particular edition of the show.

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