I don’t think my title describes the complete goal of this project well enough, but it’s what I am going with for now.

ASMR from Wikipedia: Autonomous sensory meridian response

From the video description:

Extra ball is an audiovisual and musical installation that takes us, through interaction, into the innards of a pinball machine, into its very subconscious.

It questions our need to be in control of our trajectory, and and to deal with chance, or to twart the arbitrary.
The form
Immersion and participation :
The Pinball becomes a platform for a visual, sound and sensorial experience, which encompasses the player and spectators. By turns, each spectator throws the ball and each play generates a new experience to be discovered.

The pinball machine keeps its original structure but is no longer an ordinary pinball because all the graphic codes have been redesigned, the interactive sound has been totally recomposed, and the game design has been completely rewritten. It is the center of the exhibition/show : the pinbal is the star. The set design is conceived as a spectacular installation.

Each spectator can become a player. Each play leads to a sound and visual event.

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