Arcade Hunters travelled to Flippers Variety and Arcade in North Carolina. Some serious pinball games in this rather unassuming location.

Video Description:

From Grandy, North Carolina here’s a look at Flippers Variety and Arcade! Owner Dave has been in the business since the 1970’s where he runs Outer Banks Amusments and less then three years ago opened up his own place in the OBX. The place is a billiards hall, gas station, variety store and an arcade all in one! Dave offers a ton of classic arcade games, new and classic pinball machines and games for the kids!


Arcade Hunters also went to Yestercades in Red Bank, NJ. There may be a tournament coming up soon at this place. Hopefully the games will be up to par by that time. The last time we had a tournament there, some of the pinball games needed to be fixed leading up to and including tournament day. I suppose that would happen for many locations that aren’t used to having pinball tournaments.

Video Description:

Right in the heart of Red Bank New Jersey, just a few blocks away from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is home to the first YESTERcades! They recently opened a second arcade in Somerville New Jersey with even more games!

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