Did Steve Kirk get the credit?

The reveal of Jersey Jack Pinball game #4 is tantalizingly close. Also, Spooky and Deeproot and Torpedo Alley.

Also stay listening for another Pinball Popcorn end segment!

Can you tell I am behind? I am really behind. On everything. Especially podcasts. There are a lot of good shows to listen to the are available for your pinball ears. The amount of listening time available hasn’t increased at all. It’s still the same 24 hours minus time to sleep and play pinball and stuff. Unless I were to get some special “Persona 3” powers and have access to my very own Midnight Hour. That would be cool, if my Midnight Hour could be at about 4:00 PM.

Since I don’t have Persona powers, I do have the Podcast List right down here. The latest podcasts get pushed to the top of the list.


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