If you are reading this on Saturday, Dec. 14th then BE ADVISED! You are required to sit and watch actual television tomorrow morning, Sunday December 15th.


Why, because pinball will be on national TV. The TODAY Show segment on Modern Pinball NYC is confirmed to air on this Sunday’s show. There may even be an additional segment with the hosts afterwards. The show usually starts at 8:00 AM Eastern time, but your mileage may vary depending on your local carrier.

From Modern Pinball NYC:

TODAY Show air date… CONFIRMED! Modern Pinball NYC will be on the TODAY Show this Sunday morning (Dec. 15) on NBC! Check your local listings for the exact time as it can air anytime between 8AM and 11AM depending on your location. Please share this and help support pinball!

Looks like I’ll be watching actual TV instead of on-demand, Internet new media stuff this Sunday. Imagine that.