Do you want to donate to some worthy causes? Well you can! Plus you could win a brand new pinball machine for your donation.


From Pinball EDU’s PinballJoe:

You can win any PRO style machine available from Stern Pinball Inc. at the time the raffle closes. As of September 1st 2015 the following games can be chosen:

Every $40 (USD) donation enters you to win. Only 250 tickets will be sold each raffle. 1 in 250 chance of winning.


One winner will be drawn live on within 30 days of the contest close. The raffle will close when all tickets have been sold and a new raffle will open. All proceeds benefit Pinball EDU 501(c)3 and the Pinball Outreach Project 501(c)3.

Visit Pinball EDU for more information and to participate in the charity sweepstakes.



From Project Pinball’s Daniel Spolar:


Game of Thrones LE Sweepstakes where a $75 donation can give you the opportunity to win a brand new Game of Thrones Stern LE machine.

All proceeds for the Game of Thrones Limited Edition sweepstakes go to Project Pinball Charity 501(C)3 #46-3417202 to help put more pinball machines in children’s hospitals across the nation. Each sweepstakes is limited to 200 chances.


Visit Project Pinball Charity for more information and to participate in the charity sweepstakes.




Note: I do not consider myself a journalist, However, in the spirit of full disclosure I feel I must note that I have been pleased to work with PinballJoe in the Pinball Done Quick series. I had a quick thought that it would be prudent to note this after promoting a raffle for Pinball EDU. Although I have not directly worked with Pinball Outreach Project or Project Pinball, I look forward to the opportunity to do so in the future. Besides, worthy charities like Pinball EDU, Pinball Outreach Project and Project Pinball are doing great things for the pinball community, and I like to promote their efforts. I may be overcautious with this disclaimer, but it’s all about ethics in gaming journalism. 🙂

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