Here is gameplay video of Alien by Heighway Pinball that shows that game has really come together.

(Plus it’s shipping!)



From Heighway Pinball:

In this video, we show Alien Pinball being played continuously to illustrate the shots and flow of the game – along with various modes and features being activated.

The audio was already impressive when I played it at Expo, but now my ears are ready for the improvements that have been made since then.

From David Thiel on Pinside, H/T: Ed Zeltmann on FWB Facebook Page

“The Alien sound package is VERY stereo and dot one. About a year ago I added a subwoofer to my studio setup so that I could understand the contribution of low frequency stuff when I added it. There are times in the Alien sound package when audio only a subwoofer can reproduce makes a difference (Aurich encouraged this low frequency contribution). Very soon now I will be mastering all the sounds for the amp/speaker setup of the Heighway cabinet.

For spatial audio cues to work at all given the geometry of pinball speaker placement they have to be exaggerated and dynamic. I do this wherever possible. Even the music benefits from the spaciousness of a stereo mix. Reverb effects of dialog put in a resinous Xeno cave are much richer in stereo. Balls moving around orbits and ramps have proper and dynamic audio location effects.

I’ve been working on this package since Jan 2016 and it has really come together.
After I have a chance to flip and tweak, flip and tweak I think you will be real happy.
(and yes, there is lots of Hudson [in stereo]) “

Are there official Heighway Brand Beats Headphones for sale? If so, I’m going to need them.

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