See how activating the Turbo and dominating on the T-Rex Battle Mode is the hidden MVP of this game. When the Turbo is on, you have 15 seconds (sometimes a little more than that) to own as much of the game as you can while this “gamebreaker” is active. Do this well on a mode like T-Rex or Loop Crash Multiball, and you can be a billionaire very quickly.

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Watch Steve Bowden dominate a 3 against 1 teamplay game and take a huge grand champion score!

0:00 – Intro
3:47 – Tutorial
11:27 – Gameplay
1:32:00 – Hot Wheels playfield #giveaway
1:59:45 – Congrats – Scribbl3 wins the playfield!
2:18:30 – Teamplay – Steve Bowden dominates!
3:06:30 – Outro and thank you to guests

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