Welcome to the next thing to be debated until it gets released: Magnaslings!

Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine (I hope). This is just early Magnasling code. Once this gets worked out, it will work like traditional slings. There won’t be any mysterious Seance-like drains from the Mangaslings, or fake-out moves that cause you to flip at nothing because you are scared of the ball draining.

Some people's face went like this when they saw the Magnoslings.

Some people’s faces went like this when they saw the Magnoslings.

Some people's faces went like this when thy saw the Magnaslings.

Other people’s faces went like this when they saw the Magnaslings.

Note: I don’t know anything. I’m just hoping over here. Maybe the game will have a Magnasling difficulty setting, ranging from “Traditional” to “Spooky” to “Difficult” to “WTF was that” to “Unfair AF” to “Good Luck With That”.

In other news, we might get a feature that starts the game as soon as the required money has been entered into the game. An Auto-Start feature would be great to implement. Most start buttons on other arcade games are on top near the controllers. Many people just don’t see the start button on the front of a pinball game. This would prevent people from going WTH and leaving thinking they had their money eaten by the game.

Stern Pinball has released a short video demonstrating a new idea for the slingshots that replaces the solenoid/rubber with magnets called Magnaslings.

Source: Arcade Heroes Stern Pinball Teases “Magnaslings” In Ghostbusters Pinball; Auto-Start Feature Coming Soon – Arcade Heroes

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Posted by Stern Pinball on Friday, April 15, 2016