Goin’ Nuts (Virtually and Physically)

From the video description

… Only 10 copies of the game were ever made and the unit at the Pinball Hall of Fame is Las Vegas is the 3rd unit that was ever produced. It’s also the same game that Farsight used for their Gottlieb Pinball Collection and it’s also the same unit used in The Pinball Arcade.

Gottlieb’s Haunted House

From the video description

… Haunted House! Gottlieb made over 6,000 units of this game and features not one, not two but THREE playfields! The upper attic playfield has reversed flippers you use to hit drop targets and stand up targets, the main middle playfield has chances to collect extra balls and the final level, the basement where you have to try to keep the ball in play to score your multipliers.

Stern Star Trek LE

From the video description

2600 takes a look at the limited edition Star Trek pinball by Stern.

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